Positive Coaching in Scotland

Our Goals

  1. Develop individuals who enjoy playing for successful Garnock Rugby Club teams.
  2. Encourage players to strive for ‘Success’.  Success at our club is when an individual Player or the Team sense an ImprovementWinning is Merely One Measure of Improvement
  3. Produce as many players as possible who go on to play representative rugby (Pathways, Regional, and National level)
  4. Instil a strong sense of Mutual and Self Respect in individuals.  All players are valued equally at our club.  Rugby is a unique team game requiring a diverse array of qualities from individuals of different shapes and sizes and different mind sets; some of these qualities may be more glamorous and noticeable than others, but in a successful team All Players are Equally Important. A good model for Life.


How Our Goals are Achieved

  1. We never criticise Mistakes, we cherish them, they Provide Opportunities to Improve. Criticism is the best way to Demoralise the Motivated.
  2. Work with each player to formulate and review individualised Short Term and Long Term Player Development Plans. Players are encouraged to develop the self discipline and work ethic to implement their plan.
  3. An established Coaching Strategy provides Coaching Consistency throughout all age grades. This is structured around the SRU’s Key National Themes (KNT) and Long Term Player Development (LTPD) schemes. The Age grade Objectives below build on previous experience to develop adult players with the core skills embedded in their game and a deep understanding of how our club plays rugby.
  • P1P3 – Run and Fun
  • P4/5 – Tackle Technique, Catch and Pass Skills
  • P6/7 – Evasive skills, Hand Catch, Ball Presentation, Tackle Technique
  • S1/S2 Hand catch, Ball presentation, Offload, Tackle technique (SRU Key KNT & LTPD Booklets)
  • U15/U16 Reinforcement of the KNTs into Games focused sessions. Development of Game Awareness (Assessment & Decisions, Communication, Strategy, etc.)
  • U18 – Consolidation of Skills with Increased Tempo
  1. Players are encouraged to participate in our Mentioning Scheme. Those playing in the same position throughout all age grades and mentored by the more experienced players.